Internet essentials module overview

Approximately 30 minutes

Graduate Learning Outcomes (GLOs)

Knowledge and skills you gain from this module will contribute to your Charles Sturt University Digital Literacies GLO

This module is part of Digital Skills, a series of online modules to help you quickly build your digital skills so you can succeed in study and work.

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Aims and objectives

This module will:

  • help you understand what the internet is and how it is regulated
  • explain the basics of cyber security.

After completing this module, you will be able to:

  • implement strategies to protect your identity in an online environment
  • identify the elements of uniform resource locators (URLS)
  • resolve common issues with your web browser.

Module sections

  1. The internet
  2. The web and web browsers
  3. URLs and domains
  4. Who controls the internet
  5. Managing digital technology
  6. Check your knowledge
  7. More resources
  8. Conclusion



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