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Social media quiz

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Module summary

Number 1 Introduction to social media

  • Social media is the term for online communications that allow us to keep in touch with people and establish new networks.
  • Social media platforms include photo and video sharing, microblogging, and social networking sites.

Number 2 Social media around the world

  • Different platforms are used in different countries.
  • When communicating with friends and peers from around the world there are additional platforms to consider using.

Number 3 Your digital footprint

  • Your digital footprint is a record of your interactions online.
  • Consider the information you share online with others.

Number 4 Content creation and personal branding

  • When creating social media content focus on your audience and reasons for posting.
  • Marketing yourself using social media is called self-branding.
  • You should choose your platform for promoting yourself carefully as not all platforms may be right for you.

Number 5 Social media in your professional life

  • Professional social media helps you discover new ideas, connect with others in your area of expertise, get your work noticed and improve your personal brand.
  • Remember you are what you present.

Number 6 Social media in your university life

  • Many university courses use social media as a communication and collaboration tool for tutors and students.
  • There are good platforms for sharing ideas in a visual way and best practices that should be followed.

Number 7 Cyberbullying

  • Remember to check your privacy settings to keep your content secure and respect others.
  • Cyber abuse can happen on any social media platform.


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