Module summary

Number 1 icon Writing or creating assignments

  • Plan your assignment writing before you start any assignment
  • Managing your time efficiently will help you plan, write, edit and proofread your work before your assignment is due.

Number 2 Plagiarism

  • Plagiarism is a disciplinary offence at Charles Sturt and taken extremely seriously
  • If you use someone else’s work or ideas in an assignment, you must reference their contribution to your work.

Number 3 Referencing

  • A referencing style is a set of rules to tell you how to acknowledge other authors and resources you have used in your work
  • Make sure that your referencing style is consistent throughout your assignment
  • Referencing software, such as EndNote, may be useful if you have lots of references to manage.

Number 4 Submitting your assignment

  • EASTS is the electronic assignment submission tool that is used at Charles Sturt for submitting assessments
  • Turnitin assignments will check the originality of your work and also the exact submission time of your assignment
  • PebblePad is an ePortfolio and may be used in your course.


You have completed the Write, Cite, Submit module.


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This chapter is adapted from 8. Conclusion in Find and Use Media by The University of Queensland Library.


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