Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming various fields – including the academic study and research space – where AI tools are increasingly being utilised to enhance research capabilities and streamline processes. Learning to use AI tools effectively and appropriately is an essential digital literacy skill for your studies, researching and future career.

This information is designed to start you on your journey to learn more about this technology and give you the background to use AI effectively and with integrity.

Each chapter discusses using AI tools in a stage of your study and researching process. Jump into any section, depending on how and where you are wanting to use AI in your studies. To navigate to a specific part of the web version of this guide, please use the ‘Contents’ drop-down menu at the top of the screen.

Key Point

 important icon When using AI tools, ethical and responsible use principles, such as transparency, privacy, academic integrity, and fairness should be considered. For more information please refer to Charles Sturt University’s Statement of Principles for the use of Artificial Intelligence. Have a question about the principles? Email

read icon Read Your guide to generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) for current information and advice regarding AI use in your studies and assessments.


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